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Calculate the incubation time for Japanese Quail Breeding Eggs © Tino Bellmann

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The breeding of the Japanese Quail eggs starts on Wednesday, November 29th 2023

Day+Day-DateTo Do List
Leave the fertilized quail eggs untouched for one day after transportation.
017Wednesday, November 29th 2023Start the incubation process: Clean and disinfect the breeding machine. Fill in the water. Put the fertilized quail breeding eggs into the incubator and mark them if needed. Set the incubator's humidity to 60%-65%. Increase the temperature in the incubator slowly to 37.7 centigrade.
116Thursday, November 30th 2023Keep the breeder closed. Do not open.
215Friday, December 1st 2023Keep the breeder closed. Dont open.
314Saturday, December 2nd 2023Keep the breeder closed. Do not open.
611Tuesday, December 5th 2023Check temperature and humidy inside the incubator.
89Thursday, December 7th 2023Option: Take a special lamp and light up / light through the quail eggs. If you have enough experience with this, remove unfertilized eggs from the breeding machine. As a newbie, dont.
107Saturday, December 9th 2023Optionally from day 10 to 14: Open the incubation machine and let the fertilized quail eggs cool down for about 15 minutes. (Controversial discussion, the effects on the hatching result are not really proven.)
116Sunday, December 10th 2023Same as 10
125Monday, December 11th 2023Same as day 10
134Tuesday, December 12th 2023Same as day 10
143Wednesday, December 13th 2023Put the quail eggs on a hatching pad. Stop turning the eggs. Increase humidity to 70-80% RH. Don't open the incubator anymore.
161Friday, December 15th 2023Be prepared to welcome the new-born quail chicks. Do you have a chicken home or bird chick brooder, a heater or a heating lamp, special quail chicks food, water ...?
170Saturday, December 16th 2023Quail chicks hatching day! End of incubation. Leave the quail chicks in the incubator for a day (optional).

More information und forecasts about this breeding process

DayDayDateTo Do List
181Sunday, December 17th 2023Move the quail chicks to a special bird chicks brooder or another warm and dry box.
257Sunday, December 24th 2023The first feathers grow (7 days old). Reduce the temperature of heating step by step and day by day.
3517Wednesday, January 3rd 2024End of additional heating. (If the room has normal temperature)
4528Saturday, January 13th 2024Approximately beginning of gender separation (after 4 weeks and later)
5942Saturday, January 27th 2024Approximately the earliest day your quail hens will lay eggs (6 weeks in summer or 2-4 week later, maybe in cold spring months, up to 12 weeks in winter)
7356Saturday, February 10th 2024Approximately the time for slaughtering quail roosters (8 weeks or later)
10184Saturday, March 9th 2024Approximately the latest day your quail hens will lay eggs (12 weeks, in cold months or in winter)